I am completely amazed on the response men have to this Manifesto. Instead of seeing its point, it is interpreted as an attack on men, requesting that we check our balls at the door. Way off!! And a perfect example of why this is so important in the first place.

Without understanding the message we will never return to a time when the wisdom of the Universe was unified with the practicality of science…a time when people like Pythagoras, DaVinci, Botticelli, Goethe, and Michelangelo were making huge discoveries based on the abstract and intuitive feminine qualities balanced with the structure and practicality of masculine sciences. Einstein got it! He was huge on the inspiration that comes from being artistically receptive to help him solve the conundrums of quantum theory.

It is going to take people like Erez Lieberman Aiden, a modern Renaissance Man, to defy the social system and make a change one person at a time. To his credit, at the age of 31 he has solved the three-dimensional structure of the human genome, and now has a joint lab between MIT and Harvard because he has embraced the conceptual secrets that died during the Dark Ages and the passe art of Sacred Geometry, which has everything to do with the Manifesto.

If you are going to limit yourself to an elementary understanding of the complex message being sent in the Manifesto, or react with a bruised male Ego, then I recommend you educate yourself past a pre-school understanding of the subject matter, otherwise you run the risk of sounding…ignorant. And that goes double for the feminists.

How IRONIC that feminists are having the same reaction as men to the Manifesto. It was the abuse of masculine energy and suppression of feminine energy that started the movement in the first place. Feminists have now succumb to the very energy they have been fighting and are as closed off as the average man to any form of revolution.

Every argument, every war begins the negotiating process and healing process with an apology. Someone has to say “I am sorry” first and it is only fitting that those who have been in charge for the last few centuries be the first to extend the “olive branch”. Let’s face it, in some way every man still feels, on SOME level that “It’s a Man’s World!”…I am no exception…

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